System Administator


Since childhood I was interested in exploring different kind of devices and software. My very first experience was with 8-bit console “SUBOR” from Santa Claus, which had a keyboard and educational cartridge. Main challenge was to plug the power supply into it to make it work. I took it from the box, and the wire was bonded. I thought it would be easy just take scissors and problem solved. So I did it. On one had i had a cable on another one – power supply. So that was my first childhood psychological trauma.

Then I was trying to create games. There was a manual “How to create Mario on G-Basic”. I was not sure what I`m doing, but  I kept going. Sometimes, until I would need new power supply block.

Eventually I got my first PC, service guy came to my house, plugged all cables, installed bunch of cool software. That cost a lot of money to my parents. Just in two weeks system was down, and we invited service guy again. I had some “inspirational talk” with my parents to prevent this in future. Since that moment over years I learned how to do IT  by me self, then helped friends, friends of my friends.

Now I`m working in the company, doing IT, dealing with everything: building local networks, running cables, setting up routers and different office equipment, hardware setup and upgrade. My goal is when I`m doing IT stuff – to react and solve issue as soon as it possible, and then, to prevent of happening it again.