Video Editing

These videos would be very helpful, if you are willing to promote your product or service. Customers would love to see once, instead of reading different specs or descriptions. They would be inspired and motivated if the video is informative and presented in a right way.

Also it is a good source of SEO – which is leading traffic to your web-site.

There are different types of videos: presentations, promos, educational, guides and reviews. Some kinds of videos acquire additional equipment and light set up. Even up to a studio. I`m familiar with red-button “start/stop record”…just kidding :)

I am not a professional in this kind of art, but I would do everything to make video look professional and satisfy company needs.

So here are few projects I`ve been working for a while in Ukraine.  To create those videos I used Photoshop, After Effects, Sony Vegas.

TV commercial for Ukrainian House

In this project we had to create fairy tale background, which played on a huge screen behind the actors. Whole performance was about two hours. We had 7 different locations related to scenario. On a video you can see just TV advertisement with cuts of actual footage.

Hotel Bratislava in Kiev

Promo video which is demonstrating hotel Bratislava. Main idea was to show services, guest rooms, and all necessary information related to a hotel. At the end of the video there are contact credentials for transportation or booking.

Mayak resort wedding promo

Wedding videos are always popular. But this one was particularly created to attract clients to celebrate their weddings in better place out of the city. Made in two different parts: starting slow and then comes action.

Mayak resort promo

This video created in slideshow style to present Mayak resort which is located near city of Kermenchug.