Tips on creating landing page

Tips on creating landing page

Today I’d like to talk about software that can help you in creating landing pages. In another words, you would be able to create one page website that can sell your products or advertise services. The name of it is Adobe Muse. Those who can use it can just skip this post, but I`m sure that there are a lot of interested people, who would like to know how to create landing pages in the easiest  way. I found this software by accident on one of the forums and was interested in its possibilities. If that software can do more then “Web Builder”, especially parallax effect. Anyways, its always good to know something new. Of course, I immediately began to search for the program manual, training videos with tutorials. After  while, I found a lot cool stuff for my self, and also I’d like to share it with you.

So what is Adobe Muse?

As I said before, this program is for creating landing pages. The entire work done visually, so you don’t need to know any HTML, CSS and bunch of other stuff. So if you need to place some element on a page, like a picture or a button or some text, you basically need just to pick element from a menu and place it to wherever you want. Everything is quite simple with a pretty good results. So I would name these advantages and possibilities of Adobe Muse:

  • To create a website or just single page, you don’t need to know coding- you have to work only with design. Everything else will be generated by itself, but nerds are very welcome to add some code if necessary
  • Perfect landing page can be done within two hours
  • Pages can be can be adaptive, so your content will be perfectly displayed on a desktop, tablet and smartphone
  • Endless possibilities with libraries of different widgets, timers, fonts, sliders and another cool stuff. You can setup everything as you wish
  • Easy to work with – project structure, editing window, preview – everything in front of you.
  • Up to date solutions – Adobe Muse is working with HTML5 and CSS3. If somebody doesn’t know – it allows you to create really cool pages with effects: background animation, element animation, multiple animations. Particularry, you can use fancy parallax effect. You can even allow visitors to change the contents of pages directly from browser!
  • That is not so hard to learn this software. There are a lot of tutorials can be found on YouTube

You can download free trial 30 day version of the software from the official website. It would be quite enough time to just  get general overlook of the software. By registering in Creative Cloud you’ll be given 20Gb of online storage, so you can save you projects and share with your co-workers or friends.

Here how it looks from inside


You have 3 main tabs. It is “Plan” –  where you see all pages of the website, you can choose any page and then click on “Design”. This is where you do all edits on the page. If you click on “View” –  you’ll see how your page looks like in browser.

I’ll be not giving you guides on how to use Adobe Muse, as there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube and other websites.

So why is software for creating landing pages is better then online services?

There are a lot of specialized software and online services that can help you in creating of landing pages. But I prefer to have software which is installed on my computer. Why? Here are few drawbacks you’ll be facing, if you decide to do your landing pages with online services:

  • Even if the service has a lot of templates, you have limited possibilities defined by those templates
  • You need to have access to the Internet
  • You can not download your created page and make it live on another hosting. You will lose everything have if the service will shut down. This is a biggest disadvantage to be dependent of the service.
  • To have all tools and maybe some extra functionality – you have to pay.

I think that would be enough. That is completely different story if the program is on your computer. You can be create as long as you want. With or without Internet. Just turn on your computer and start working. You can save you result on your desktop and then upload it on your hosting. Even if hosting will stop working, you can always upload your work to any other one. There are way more possibilities inside of the software, way more instruments. Adobe Muse allows you to create such a landing pages, that  you would not be able to create in any other online services.

That it pretty much it that I would like to tell you today. Would be very interested in your thoughts about the best ways of creating landing pages.

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  1. Currently it appears like Movable Type is the top blogging platform out there right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you are using on your blog?|

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